Can Eliminating Actually Make You Feel Whole?

Fruit & vegetable color wheel.
Fruit & vegetable color wheel.


Welcome to RealigningRhodes! Basically I love feeling strong, fit and healthy. It gives me confidence and along with that comes eating delicious food that fuels my body and provides what it needs to keep feeling strong and healthy. Moving your body is an absolute gift. Having blood that pumps from your heart throughout your body and provides you with oxygen for your next breath from your lungs is nothing short of a miracle. We are a bunch of bones protected by muscles, tendons and ligaments that are provided nourishment via what is absorbed through our intestines. While all of this is a gift from God the Creator, what you do or don’t do today, what you eat or don’t eat today will have effect on your quality of life, whether you know it or not.

I am not an expert, not even close. But I love to learn, find and try new recipes, and if they’re good enough then share them with EVERYONE. If I like something, I want to tell everyone. No one should miss out 🙂 Insert this blog.

I’ve been considering trying the Whole 30, which is essentially a minimum of 30 days of very specific clean eating as a way to reset your body and eliminate most possible triggers of unhealthy cravings, GI issues, fatigue, skin disorders and other medical conditions. After the minimum 30 days, you follow one of their plans to very slowly reintroduce food groups and determine the positive or negative effect it’s having on your body and emotional state. Feel at 3 pm everyday you HAVE TO HAVE that soda and Reese’s Cup similar to a moth being drawn to a flame? Constantly feel bloated or uncomfortable? Not sleeping well? Irritable? Struggling with acne? Can’t seem to stay away from the after dinner sweet fix? AMEN. Me too. Before I jump in head first to the Whole 30, since if you “cheat” once then you have to restart at day 1 (yikes!), I’m trying to get a game plan together and test some recipes since planning and prep is key to success.


Luckily in today’s world of Google, finding “Whole 30,” “Paleo,” and “Clean Eating,” recipes isn’t too difficult. For this week’s meals I came across the blog,, and it just so happens she’s prepping food for her husband’s Whole 30! Perfect! Today I went to Aldi and Publix and got the ingredients to make:

Turkey Chili (Photo credit


 Italian Meatloaf (photo credit


The meatloaf itself was super yummy, but the sauce did NOT work out for me. In fact, after trying to even correct it, I sadly had to pour it down the drain and say my goodbyes to those ingredients. Insert super sad face. It was way salty. As if I took a trip to the Atlantic Ocean and got a big mouth full, yuck! My tomato sauce had salt listed as an ingredient so next time I’d leave out any additional salt and see if that helped. Let me know if you have a better experience!

Next on the agenda? Mashed Cauliflower (photo credit


For this, I cut and boiled as instructed, put in food processor with butter, salt, pepper and then at the end I simply added 1-2T of real deal coconut milk and pulsed a few more times. AMAZING. I may or may not have basically eaten it all before it was removed from the processor. I’M SO WEAK. 

Lastly, I wrapped it all up with simply roasting leftover veggies such as carrots, eggplant and zucchini in the oven at 425 degrees for 35’ish minutes. I simply cut into 1/4″ slices, tossed in a gallon bag with 1-2T olive oil, spread on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and in they went! (Let’s not talk about all the clean up that was done after. Unfortunately if I leave anything dirty out on the counter/in the sink it haunts me and I won’t sleep at night. Lance tells me there’s medicine for that, hah!)

All in all it was a pretty simple food prepping experience and I think even the man of the house will be pleased and satisfied. I will say I’m super thankful for the food processor on hand (Thanks Mom for letting me borrow yours!) since I could very roughly chop the veggies, toss in their and chop or mince as needed at lighting speed.

Time and time again I’ve seen how eating is 99.99999% of the battle. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but really though. It’s so important! These say it all:

images-1 images-2 images-3 images images Unknown-1

There you have it. We can do this. We can feel amazing and looking our best will just be an added bonus. Who wants to join the Whole 30 experience?! The book is great! I read the ebook for free via a library app, Overdrive, and currently have the hardback checked out from the library. I plan to read, “It Starts With Food,” in the near future for a better understanding of what foods do/don’t do what on a more scientific level. You don’t have to spend tons of hard earned money to be healthy! You just have to make smart choices which you can do by using the brain God gave you 🙂


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