Weekend {Whole30} Grocery Haul and Food Prep

I’m still getting the hang of this Whole30 thing, but it’s going well! Yet, as I settle quite comfortably into day number 6 (Sunday), even with my first successful restaurant outing under my belt, I start to get butterflies.


Coming alongside me for his day 1, with my up and coming day 7?

The husband. (Insert Law & Order music intro here, please.) That is exactly what we’ll need, Law & Order.

Goodness. If you know my husband, you know his love for Monster energy drinks, Snickers, Reese Cups, Twizzlers, movie popcorn,  Haribo gummy bears, burgers and sweet potato fries runs deep. Like, deep. Think, abyss.

He ate a piece of fried chicken breaded with Lay’s potato chips for crying out loud!

Let’s just say I’m glad I started “early” and got myself prepped and ready before getting us both prepped and ready. I have a high tolerance for monotonous eating, so I’d cook a huge dinner and eat it for the following lunch and dinners almost all week. Lance, on the other hand…not gonna be quite so easy to please. What can I say? The man is a man’s man and loves to eat.  AND I can’t bulk up all the meals using grains as a filler of sorts…Lord, help me.

 Don’t get me wrong, he’s a handsome, athletic, fit man…here, see for your self:

IMG_2502 IMG_2503

He just loves his comfort foods. Can’t say I blame him!

The Haul

The weekend involved quite a few grocery hauls. I really needed to see who has what and for how much:

IMG_2451 IMG_2477 IMG_2545 IMG_2546 IMG_2547IMG_2498

We could totally play, “Name That Buggie!,” and see who could get 5/5 guesses…but we have too much food prep to do for those shenanigans 🙂

My biggest concern with us both tackling the Whole30? We won’t have enough food prepared, get home really late one night and have nothing Whole30 compliant to eat. Should I even discuss the anxiety it gives me to think about going into an entire week after a weekend out-of-town with nothing prepped for breakfast, lunches, or dinners? I feel nauseated just thinking of it.

The Prep

So, to take my own advice, I came home Sunday afternoon, post restaurant victory, put on Kelsea Ballerini’s album and went to town! (There is absolutely no shame in my music taste. I think she’s adorable, talented, spunky, and I’m pretty sure we’d be best friends even though I’m likely 10 years her senior.) I dare you to click that link, let the song play, and try to find yourself not bobbing your head back and forth. Good luck!

I kicked it all off doing something mom told me never to do. Mom, now is a great time to turn away. I played with my food 🙂


This was the result of slicing 6 bell peppers for this recipe, and ended up with this:

IMG_9804 .

Per usual, I doubled the recipe, left out the onions, subbed paprika for chili flakes, and used around 1/2 the olive oil recommendation.

Next up?

I used the remaining 3 large chicken breasts for this recipe, and used our crock pot for the first. time. ever. What have I been doing with my life??? Have I really been living? I’m not sure, but I’m now obsessed with this beloved cooking tool. It’s like magic! I put the chicken breasts in whole, emptied a jar of salsa, threw in some Spanish dish spices not listed on the ingredients of said salsa, shut the lid, turned that bad boy on high, and 5 hours later, magically, we had a ton of deliciously shredded chicken.

ANYTHING that allows me to walk away for 5 hours and return to a finished product, just go ahead and sign me up for that. You can tell me you did later, trust me, I won’t be mad.


Now we have 2 really good sources of protein for the week, but I wanted one more…you know, just to be safe and to at-all-costs avoid a panic moment during the week.

Enter this gem of a recipe. Might I add that I really enjoy this food blogger! He posts such great, doable recipes. So, if you go to his sight, tell him I sent you 🙂


This is the best pic of the meatballs I could get, forgive me! I, no surprise here, doubled the recipe, subbed turkey meat (because it’s what I had on hand), left out the hot sauce, and didn’t add the avocado.

*FYI: I have added the avocado previously and it was absolute deliciousness. I was slightly “over” food prep and decided to forgo this step. Just being real 🙂

Now, while the last of my protein was cooking, I got the food processor out and began to prepare 2 heads of cauliflower for mashed cauliflower. Basically, you cut off the stems, boil it until soft (8-10 minutes), drain, cool, and place in processor with 1-3T of ghee, salt, pepper, and if you so desire, coconut milk until it’s of mashed potato consistency. Easy Peasy.  And incredibly tasty if I might add. And since it’s my blog, I think I will. This stuff is incredible!

Are we done yet????

Hold your horses…we’re getting there.

At this point, I made some more almond butter.


The only additions besides almonds were salt and cinnamon this time. Vanilla extract is a no-go for the Whole30.

We’re almost there!

This next part was super easy and we just talked about it here. This is a staple for me and it’s not going anywhere in my near or far future. I strongly suggest adding this to your food prep!


We pretty much bought enough fruit for The Duggars while shopping at Costco. I LOOOVE fruit! It does, however, have the possibility to awaken what Whole30 calls, “The Sugar Dragon.” So, instead of eating it all right when we got home, it needed to last all week.

Here’s a universal pet peeve: spending $1,879.00 on fruit only to open it up the next morning to find the dreaded mold greeting you!

I say, die, mold, diiiieeee. 


All fruit was placed in separate bowls and washed with a vinegar, water ratio found here. Now, I definitely don’t own the  salad spinner discussed from the link, and I by no means have the patience to let ALL of the fruit dry before putting it back into paper towel lined original containers…so I approximated the amount of water to vinegar ratio and dried them the best I could in 30 second time span. I want my kitchen and life back.

(About this time, If you’re in need of more music, click here for your listening pleasure. Some of you are wanting to kill me at this point, haha! )

The Truth

Work with what you haveAs much as I’d love to say that I’m cooking in a professional grade kitchen, it is a far cry from that! We live in a condo and our kitchen is about 7×7, so if I can cook 3 legit meals with sides and wash a million pieces of fruit while making almond butter, anyone can make this work.

In fact, I had to laugh when I placed my crock pot on the living room floor since counter space in the kitchen was a laughable thought at that point!

Use available resources. Crunched for time? I have friends that love using shipt for grocery delivery and they swear they’ll never set foot in a grocery store again. Haha, I think that’s great!

Think ahead. I forgot to put frozen, ground turkey meat in the sink for defrosting when we left for church. The point is, it worked out, but would have been more efficient had I truly planned it out. (Likely, I was looking up Whole30 information and got lost in someone’s instagram or blog to make us late. Priorities, right?)

Make time for what’s important. Start to finish, including clean-up, this took a 3 solid hours. BUT I had not prepped anything prior to this! In a dream world I would buy groceries, go home to cut/prep everything, and then the following day actually cook it!

I’m still really enjoying this!

And despite being nervous about having enough food for my man, I’m truly happy that he is coming alongside me! He’s my biggest supporter, cheerleader, and will keep me light hearted on this journey to food freedom 🙂 If you know us, you know I am truly graced with him.

Sappy but True


2 thoughts on “Weekend {Whole30} Grocery Haul and Food Prep

  1. love this Mallory
    I have an attention span of a nat, so I rarely read anything unless I have to lol. So I was quite surprised that I read the entire blog. I even bobbed my head – a little – to the young country singer 😂😂


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