Whole30 Goes On Field Trip || Labor Day Lake Weekend!


{Pre Whole30} Lake Packing Check List

Bathing suits ✔️

Sunscreen ✔️

Sun hat ✔️

Current book of choice ✔️


Let’s talk about my typical “Lake Day” if you will.

Day One

  7 AM: You wake up in the morning and first, (obviously) you pour creamer (may you RIP hazelnut) into each of the 3 to 4 cups of coffee you pour yourself, and if anyone questions what number you’re currently sipping on, you always say, “two.” Two is a judgmental free number. It’s not three and everyone knows it’s not your first! 🙂

8:00 AM: Then, on the counter, staring you right in the eyes, there they are. (remember, it’s only 8 AM) Mason jars filled with happiness i.e. M&M’s (chocolate, peanut AND peanut butter) and chocolate cookies left over from last night. In order to avoid the temptation, you eat an entire bag of grapes to make a “healthier” choice and still satisfy that sugar urge, because It. Is. Strong. 

8:05 AM: Five minutes pass and there you are, head first in the mason jar of peanut M&Ms. You don’t even care and you don’t come up for air. Did you black out? Why is the jar that was over half full now empty?? Did someone come in and eat those?? Nope. Ooooopsies!

9:00 AM: Your father-in-law loves to make breakfast, (and now you’re desperately craving something salty) so, of course you eat 3 pieces of bacon, 2 homemade waffles with butter and syrup, a biscuit and likely an egg or two. In order to end on a good note, you eat two very large slices of cantaloupe. It’d be rude not too, right?

10:00 AM: Breakfast ends, so simultaneously you put your coffee mug in the dishwasher and crack open a coke zero, (Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end, right?), put on your swimsuit only to wonder how you’re possibly tired after the pot of coffee you just downed.

11:00 AM: Down the stairs you go, headed to the dock and water…Perk up your ears and listen to the music playing from speakers in the house, on the porch, even while you’re in the water…anything from country to a John Legend play list. You also brought along more grapes for snacking, so go ahead and start snacking. I would HATE for you to be hungry! 

12:00 PM: Before you know it…lunch! Bratwurst covered with sugar-filled ketchup in a whole wheat bun, sweet potato chips or Doritos, cookies, and a coke zero to wash it all down! Wow. That should do it!

But, really, why am I so tired???

At this point in the story, you’re aware that breakfast and lunch are nice foreshadowing for the dinner scenario. Let’s even say that there’s a filet served with sweet potatoes and corn. Delish. Let’s not waste anytime. You are going to go out with a bang. Before the dinner dishes are even off the table, go ahead and bring out the cookies and cream ice cream with the chocolate cookies fresh out of the oven and top it off with a handful of milk chocolate M&M’s. Is there caramel syrup in the fridge? Good. Throw that on as well!

You start to watch a movie and incredibly, you go back for more grapes…and a couple of cookies. Must have sugar.

Since, in hindsight, you realize your eating decisions could have been better today, you drink a liter of water in hopes that it will just flush out all of the chemically laden, sugar filled calories. That’s how it works, right? 

Day 2

7:00 AM: Wake up and enjoy your cream filled coffee and decide you’d just feel better if you worked out. Slide on your work out shorts (why do they feel tight?) and tank, slip on your tennis shoes and just go. You’ll feel better after sweating it out and getting your heart rate up!

7:30 AM: Well, your heart rate gets UP, that’s for sure! And your legs? Well, they feel like they weigh 100 pounds each and have bricks tied to them (At a quick glance, you confirm there are not bricks tied to your legs after all). Dang! You bend over to pick up a kettle bell for some squat, lunge, swing combos and decide bending over probably isn’t the best decision, so you forget about the KB swings on your agenda and go for a walk instead of a run because you’re pretty sure you’ll be sick if you move too fast.

8:30 AM: I’ll never eat again unless it’s raw veggies and water. Ever. Ugh. 

8:35 AM: You’re back inside the house, guzzling water and you must have blacked out again (or forgot how awful you just felt trying to do something you love, fitness) because now you’re chasing the water with a couple handfuls of M&Ms. Fail.

Repeat of Day One…and then Two…and then One…and then…you get the point.

Does anyone else relate to this and feel like you’re stuck in an unhealthy healthy groundhog day? That doesn’t even make sense, I know, but that’s how it feels! You’re “healthy.” You work out 6-7 times a week and you actually enjoy it. You may not even be overweight. BUT, when you play it out like above, there is something just…off. Why do you crave sugar constantly? Why are you tired despite sleeping 7-8 hours each night? Why does your stomach feel uneasy? Why do you feel sluggish in workouts even though you’re at the gym 6 days each week? Why is my skin breaking out like a pubertal teenage girl? Why am I constantly hungry?

Am I the only one who can relate? Honestly, am I?

Well, I’m tired of being tired. Like, crazy tired. I want to feel my best and I want to look my best and that’s just not too much to ask…even when you’re having a fun weekend getaway at the Lake 🙂

(Quick detour here: I even visited an MD to have labs, values, physical exam and diagnostic testing completed, because I was feeling so crummy. SURELY something was low or high…anything but within normal limits. Thyroid problems, Vitamin D deficient or Anemic?)


On paper, I’m an MD’s dream. “Super healthy,” and I even, “excelled,” at my stress test! (Think running on a treadmill at an intense incline with lots of sticky squares, leads, covering your torso in order to monitor your heart with exertion.)

Obviously, there’s something else going on internally.

Enter the Whole30. Day 12 of 30, we leave for a lake weekend in celebration of Labor Day and I’m determined that this isn’t going to throw us off…we are not starting over. 

So, here’s what our new packing list looks like:

{On Whole30} Lake Packing Check List

Compliant drinks of choice ✔️

Compliant chicken salad ✔️

Compliant salad dressing ✔️

Compliant mayonnaise ✔️

Sweet potatoes galore ✔️

Enough cooking fat to use as suntan accelerator ✔️

And I can forget bringing the latest biography or autobiography of interest. Right now it’s all about…

The Whole30 ✔️


It Starts With Food ✔️

Priorities, there are-a-changin’!


If I’m being honest, though, I’m going to be spending hours and hours in a swimsuit, so I’d like to do it while feeling my best and without feeling sick to my stomach, bloated and over-full. So, there’s that!

Here is proof that with a little preparation, you too can travel with the Whole30 and be successful (and not miserable).

Group Photo

(What we’re bringing)


I couldn’t resist the heart ❤

Breakfast Goods


Notice the Egg Poacher!!!! Yes. I am happy to report it’s even more wonderful than I thought it would be. And it’s a plus that I may or may not have used a gift card from our wedding to purchase this. (Our wedding was five years ago.) Don’t judge.

Chicken Salad Fixings




Nature’s Sugar


Thirst Quenchers





We had access to a full kitchen once at the lake. With that being said, I had no intention of taking over the kitchen or spending all of my time inside while the water, sun and fun await outside. 🙂

Friends/Family at the destination were supportive. Even though it changed the way we ate and prepped for meals from previous lake trips, they didn’t make a big deal about it and were still able to enjoy our company. AND they actually purchased {DELICIOUS} compliant meat/vegetables, so you really can’t ask for more.

Preparation. I pre-made chicken for the chicken salad prior to arriving at the lake, (around 10 PM the night before 🙂 ) Then around 6 AM the morning of I completed the actual chicken salad. That way we could enjoy lunch stress free and not take up the kitchen immediately upon arrival. You could even go ahead and cut up sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, etc so that you will spend little time in the kitchen and remain out of the way.

Allow others to enjoy the goodness of Whole30. My mother-in-law has a pepper allergy, so instead of loading the chicken salad with pepper like I normally would, I left it out so that she could share if she wanted. Then others can see how well you can eat.

The Truth. The Struggle Is Real

Don’t get me wrong, there were definitely temptations and for the first time I was in an environment, unable to leave, surrounded by non compliant treats. Plus, in said environment, historically, all I’ve done is give in to the sugar dragon urges and cravings.  Lance’s mom was sweet enough to have 4 different flavored bags of his favorite sunflower seeds on the counter for our arrival, only to find out that they’re noncompliant. Oops. When I placed our pre-cooked meals in the fridge, I found myself having to move Nestle Cookies out of the way along with my FAVORITE almond filled, dark chocolate, sea salt, caramel bar

Don’t look straight at it, Mallory, it’ll burn your eyes!

The real test came when I took extra food down to the garage fridge…alone. I was placing blackberries in and peering from the clear plastic drawer….chocolate truffles, my love language. 

Here’s how it went down:

“Ohhhh…hey there chocolatey goodness…”

Hi, I’ve been waiting for you.

And, I, you. You look so pretty. 

Thank you. No one would know if you had one. No one.


You KNOW how good I taste. So, what’s it gonna be ?


(Then as fast as I possibly could, shut the fridge door and all but ran out of the garage, back where the humans are the ones talking to me, not the chocolate.)

That was close.

It may not have been pretty, but a win is a win is a win as far as I’m concerned.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff. The delicious food we got to eat:









And to start my 30’s on a super good note:


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