My Whole30 In 30 Pictures

I’m sure you’ve heard it said before that a picture can say a thousand words. Today, I’m just needing them to say 30.

Below is a recap of meals from our recent Whole30 via pictures. A few meals aren’t pictured, but you’ll get the basic idea. You’ll also see that we didn’t make it super fancy, our presentation isn’t anything special, and it’s a repeated variation of several things.

On a single afternoon this past week, I prepared 1 crockpot meal, (1) double-batch of chilli on the stovetop, (1) one sheet pan meal, several sweet potatoes, and made sure we had ample almond butter made. THAT lasted us all week. Yep. ALL WEEK. I did not prepare anything besides my morning eggs each day.

So, lack of time is no longer an excuse not to make healthy choices. I know that people are busy. I know that moms and dads with kids are busy and kids are a top priority, BUT learning to make healthy choices for ourselves will create a chain reaction of healthy choices in our husbands, children, and friends, and THAT could set people up for a lifetime of wonderful health and wellness.

So, IF a healthy lifestyle (not necessarily Whole30) is something you’re really wanting to live out…you can. If you are willing to make changes…you will. If it’s something you’d rather talk about but are too scared to make a change, are letting the fear of failure paralyze you, or just have no desire to give up snickers, soda, and popcorn…you won’t.

(And if that’s just where you are right now, no judgement from this side of the world!)

It’s simple. You can do it.

What do you have to lose (Besides a few pounds and an unhealthy relationship with food)? Do you like the way you look? Do you like the way you feel?

You are the only one who can change it.

 I started following like 37 moms on Instagram who have completed several rounds of Whole30, feel (and look) remarkably better, can’t imagine going back to their old lifestyle, and are able to feed their families of up to 5 in a healthy matter. AND they give a heck of a lot of food inspiration! Here are some of my favs so far:










There are a couple ladies listed who likely don’t have children, but that by no means indicates they aren’t strapped for time and have to be intentional and motivated to meet their health goals. I know that one is a physician’s assistant, married, works nights in an ER, battles an autoimmune disease, and still preps her meals as well as fitting in fitness, simply because to her, it’s become a way of life and a priority.

That’s not an unattainable goal. She’s not a superwoman with a special set of skills. She just knows the difference a healthy lifestyle can make on her day to day quality of life.

Anyone can pick up a compliant rotisserie (We did this recently on a Sunday at Whole Foods for $7), season and sauté ground beef, and steam some microwaveable vegetables. And guess what? That could be lunch and dinner for 2 days. You’re welcome.

Healthy living is a choice and sometimes a sacrifice. In our experience, the sacrifice is well worth it (and doesn’t necessarily stay defined as “sacrifice,” but just a way of life) and the benefits FAR outweigh what at once might have been seen as some enormous hurdle, e.g,  black coffee, food prep, compliant grocery shopping, and skipping candy and ice cream several every day of the week.

Here’s a peek into 30 meals!

(I’ve counted them like 30 times to make sure all 30 are there…”My Whole30 in 27 Pictures,”just didn’t sound right 🙂 )

IMG_1162 IMG_9998 IMG_9997 IMG_9993IMG_9710
IMG_9991 IMG_9927 IMG_9919


IMG_9918 IMG_2701 IMG_2700


IMG_2774 IMG_2788

IMG_2544 IMG_2971 IMG_2977 IMG_3186

IMG_2668 IMG_9758 IMG_9690

IMG_1152IMG_9846 IMG_9847 IMG_9869 IMG_9903 IMG_2668




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