Roasting Veggies Is Easy As 1…2…3…

Girls’ Beach Trip = Fun

Four Days With Six Amazing Women = Fun

Picturesque Beach Weather = Fun

Days Filled With Laughter = Fun

Schedule Free Days With No Agenda = Fun

Food Prep When You Get Home = Not Quite As Much Fun

It’s almost as if every mile I drive away from the beach, I get a little more and more antsy. There’s laundry to be done, floors to clean, dust to wipe up, and of course food to be prepped. And it’s all there…waiting…on…me.

I’m trying to get better about letting some dust accumulate, laundry sit in the hamper for a bit longer, and allowing a little mess to feel more “lived in” and less messy. Anyone else with me? But it doesn’t help that our space is so small and gets the cluttered feel very easily. So, really, scratch all that. I don’t want the dust, the mess, or lots of laundry in my hamper.

You can leave the judgment at our doorstep along with your shoes before coming in. 🙂 

So, what’s a girl to do? The to-do list can get pretty long, stress level can become pretty high, and food isn’t going to make itself. Other people can make it for you, I suppose, but they charge money and I’d rather buy a pair of cute booties for Fall.

(Speaking of booties, let’s talk about these! Hello cuteness! And with this price tag, maybe there are some prepared meals in my future after all! Follow these ladies here for super cute finds in the most unexpected place!)

OK, back to vegetable basics! But you’re welcome for the booties and Instagram find. You can thank me later.

Here’s a GREAT way to prep and cook veggies for the week!


3 Vegetables for roasting (I used brussel sprouts, asparagus, green beans)


1 Gallon sized resealable plastic bag

Cutting board

Olive oil

2 Baking sheets

Salt, Pepper, Garlic

Other spices you prefer

Parchment paper (or foil)


Storage containers


PREHEAT oven to 425 degrees.

 WASH all your veggies by placing them separately into a colander (IF I’m being good, I’ll soak them in water for 2 minutes prior to placing in colander) and use sink water to rinse well. Use your hands under running water to remove dirt and germs from veggies as well.

SET them on paper towels or kitchen towel to dry.


PLACE vegetables by group onto cutting board and remove necessary pieces.

Brussel sprouts: Cut off non-rounded end, and at minimum cut each sprout in half. I like to cut into fourths. If the outside leaves look dirty, discard. If not, keep them because they’ll get crisp and be super yummy.

Asparagus: They say if you bend asparagus, it breaks at the exact spot where tough stalk meets tender spear. I ALWAYS forget this, and just pile up several pieces and cut away and discard the tough, whitish stalk portions.

Green beans: Typically, I line more than several up on the cutting board by their ends, cut off ends for discarding, then snap as close to a half as I can get.


Now that the hard work (even though that really was not hard or time-consuming) is done, you can:

A. Place them into storage containers to be cooked in a day or two. Maybe you just had a few minutes and wanted to get ahead a bit? Good!



B. Go ahead and cook!

LINE your 2 baking sheets with liner of choice.

OPEN freezer bag and place in brussel sprouts with 1-2 Tbsp olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, close bag, and shake until well combined.

PLACE brussel sprouts on one baking sheet.

REPEAT above with the green beans and place on separate baking sheet. Keep green beans to one side of the baking sheet.

PLACE both pans in oven and set timer for 20 minutes.

WITH 15 minutes remaining, remove pan containing green beans and place asparagus on other half. Set back into oven.

Pictured are also sweet potatoes, but I left this out, so it’ll look a bit different

Green beans and brussel sprouts should take 15-20 minutes of cooking, and asparagus should take 10-15 minutes to cook, so keep you’re eye on it.

REMOVE from oven and let cool.

(Again, I had added sweet potatoes when I took these photos, so it looked a bit different. If you’d like to add them, it’s easy. Peel them, chop them into cubes and complete the same gallon sized bag mixture with oils and spices. Place them on baking sheet with timer at 40 minutes. When 20 minutes remains, add brussel sprouts to baking sheet with potatoes, and green beans to separate sheet, and asparagus will accompany that with 15 minutes remaining.)




If you’re thinking ahead again, place into containers and enjoy throughout the week.


I purchased all of this at Costco in large amounts, but previously have purchased same items at Aldi and Publix.

Was that so bad?

If it seems like a lot, it’s not. I promise you, it will become second nature after you try it once.  Bringing it back to the basics is a great way to start and a great way to be realistic as far as food prep goes.

It will be SO worth it when you come home and don’t have to worry about cooking any sides for a few nights. Or when you just have to put some of these in a container with some protein for a quick, on the go lunch. Depending on how much I cook, we can make this last all week.

I hope Monday was kind to you and if not, I hope you chose to find the joy in a Manic Monday 🙂


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